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1Care Units

1Care Unit serve as the foundation of our "digitally-led, physically enabled" primary healthcare model, dedicated to serving communities in rural and semi-urban areas of the country.

These 1Care units, established by Last Mile Care in collaboration with our partners, are flagship primary healthcare centers. Their primary objective is to provide assisted teleconsultation services to communities that currently lack access to adequate medical facilities.

At each 1Care unit, a team consisting of a multi-purpose health worker (MHW) and a care coordinator facilitates the medical examination of patients. They digitally transmit the patient's vital medical parameters to the doctor using an in-house app. The 1Care Units and their dedicated staff are responsible for a wide range of healthcare services, including providing first aid and offering health insurance products.


Last Mile Care leverages assisted teleconsultation within 1Care Units to ensure patients have access to primary healthcare clinicians. Telemedicine has long been proposed as an affordable solution to provide medical services in remote areas. However, clinicians encounter challenges in examining patients and accessing their vital medical parameters. These limitations impede the effective utilization of telemedicine and its potential to address the primary healthcare needs of underserved communities.

Assisted teleconsultation overcomes these challenges by deploying healthcare workers at 1Care units who assist doctors in communicating with patients and digitally reporting their vital medical parameters. The doctor can conveniently access this information on their mobile devices.

The potential of telemedicine has the capacity to extend quality primary healthcare to even the most remote corners of the country. Last Mile Care is firmly committed to playing a crucial role in achieving this objective.



In April 2020, Last Mile Care inaugurated its first 1Care Unit, then known as Jan Clinic. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we swiftly adopted online teleconsultation to ensure continued access to primary healthcare services for the local community, despite the imposed lockdown. Simultaneously, we launched awareness campaigns within the community, emphasizing the importance of sanitization and following isolation protocols.

With the approval and availability of the COVID-19 vaccine in India starting from early 2021, Last Mile Care took proactive measures to raise awareness and advocate for a high vaccination rate in the community. Furthermore, we facilitated the availability of rapid self-test kits and provided clear instructions on their usage, aiming to expedite the identification of COVID-19 patients and effectively break the chain of transmission.

The challenges encountered during the COVID-19 pandemic shed light on the shortcomings of the existing teleconsultation system. This experience has propelled us to recognize the immense potential of assisted teleconsultation in delivering comprehensive primary healthcare to all individuals.

Digital Healthcare

Last Mile Care leverages cutting-edge technological advancements to ensure effective, accessible, and affordable primary healthcare for all. Our 1Care Units employ assisted teleconsultation, seamlessly connecting patients with professional doctors. This means that a doctor located in Lucknow can serve patients spanning from Silvassa in the western region of India to Ranchi in the east.

To enhance patient care, Last Mile Care maintains comprehensive digital health records for each individual, facilitating easy access to their medical history. Additionally, patients have access to a self-care mobile app, empowering them to regularly report their vital medical parameters.

We prioritise the security and privacy of sensitive patient data, ensuring it is stored securely and encrypted. Patient records are treated with utmost confidentiality at all times. Furthermore, anonymised data is utilised in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models to offer preventive healthcare measures, ultimately reducing the need for curative interventions.


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