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Last Mile Care Private Limited ("Last Mile Care") is focused on Primary Healthcare Delivery and Health Equity working with a mission to bring affordable and accessible primary healthcare by setting up phygital “1Care centers” that bridges the gap in healthcare continuum. Our efforts are to deepen the network of services while playing the role of effective health marketplace integrator with digital platforms.

These are flagship primary healthcare centres being established by Last Mile Care with the help of our partners to facilitate assisted teleconsultation in communities currently we can say underserved by medical facilities.

A multi-purpose health worker (MHW) and a care coordinator in each 1Care clinic facilitate medical inspection of patients and report vital medical parameters of the patient to the doctor digitally via an inhouse app. 1Care clinics and the staff are responsible for a wide range of health care services from providing first aid to health insurance products.

Services Offered

The Services offered through 1Care Platform are subject to the following terms and conditions:

Telemedicine is the delivery of Healthcare services using technology when the healthcare provider and patient are not in the same physical location as the Doctor. Last Mile Care may include primary care practitioners, specialists, and/or sub-specialists. Electronically transmitted information may be used for diagnosis, treatment, follow-up, and/or patient education, and may include any of the following:

  1. Patient medical records;
  2. Medical images;
  3. Interactive audio, video, and/or data communications;
  4. And/or Output data from medical devices, sound and video files.

The interactive electronic systems used incorporate network and software security protocols to protect the confidentiality of my patient information and my imaging data and include measures to safeguard the data and to aid in protecting against intentional or unintentional corruption.

Potential Benefits

Improving access to specialised medical care by enabling me to remain at my location or in my physician’s office while my physician obtains test results and consults with a distant specialist at a remote location.

Obtaining the expertise of a distant specialist.

Potential Risk

As with any medical procedure, there may be potential risks associated with use of telemedicine. These risks include, but may not be limited to:

  1. Information transmitted may not be sufficient (e.g., poor resolution of images) to allow for appropriate medical decision making by my physician (Doctor) and a distant specialist.
  2. My distant physician or specialist may not be able to provide medical treatment to me using telemedicine equipment nor provide for or arrange for any emergency care that I may require.
  3. Delays in medical evaluation and treatment could occur due to deficiencies or failures of the equipment.
  4. Security protocols could fail, causing a breach of privacy of my confidential medical information.
  5. Insufficient access to complete medical records may result in errors in medical judgement.

Terms & Conditions

By contacting Last Mile Care (1Care Center) for the Services or availing the Services or by registering with you, I agree to these Terms of Registration (“Terms”) and the Policies.

  1. The laws that protect the privacy and confidentiality of medical information also apply to telemedicine. Information obtained during a telemedicine encounter, which identifies me, should not be disclosed to any third party without my consent except for the purposes of treatment, payment, and healthcare operations.
  2. Telemedicine will not involve electronic communication of my confidential medical information to other medical providers and pharmacies that may be located in other areas, including out-of-state.
  3. I understand that the Last Mile Care Services are available only to persons located in India. All or any of the Services offered through Telemedicine Platform may be temporarily unavailable or may not be offered to me for various reasons.
  4. I understand that other individuals other than my physician and the distant specialist may also be present and have access to my medical information during the consultation to improve the quality of care for the patient.
  5. Existing records/documents in Last Mile Care will be shared with the doctor for your consultations.
  6. I understand that some parts of the exam involving physical tests may be conducted by individuals at my location or at the location of 1Care center at the direction of the distant specialist.
  7. In the event of an emergency arising while consultation is happening, I understand that the responsibility of the Physician or distant specialist is only restricted to advise me and that the responsibility of the Physician or distant specialist will conclude upon the termination of the video conference connection.
  8. I have the right to withhold or withdraw my consent to use of telemedicine during the course of my care at any time. I understand that my withdrawal of consent will not affect any future care or treatment, nor will it subject me to the risk of loss or withdrawal of any health benefits to which I am otherwise entitled.
  9. I have the right to inspect all information obtained and recorded during the course of a telemedicine interaction, and may receive copies of this information for a reasonable fee. Such inspection and copying of records shall be subject to my physician’s or distant specialist’s office policies and procedures.
  10. I may expect the anticipated benefits from using telemedicine in my care, but that no results can be guaranteed. My condition may not be cured or improved, and in some cases, may get worse.
  11. I understand that my condition may require a referral to a specialist for further evaluation and treatment.
  12. Various alternative methods of medical care may be available to me, and I may choose one or more of these at any time. My physician has explained the alternative care methods to my satisfaction.
  13. I understand that if I have requested for a second opinion, the following terms shall be applicable:
    1. Second opinion is provided on the laboratory reports, images, the primary doctor's consultation reports and other information, submitted by me;
    2. The Last Mile Care physician providing the second opinion will not have the benefit of information that would be obtained by examining me and observing my physical condition;

Consent To Use of Telemedicine

I have read and understand the information provided above regarding telemedicine, have discussed it with my physician and all my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. I hereby give my informed consent for use of telemedicine in my/patient medical care.

I hereby consent to and authorise Last Mile Care by sharing OTP or registration to use telemedicine in the course of my present and future diagnosis and treatments till it is revoked by me in writing.

I am responsible for the accuracy of the personal details provided by me including but not limited to Name, Age, Gender, Residential address, Mobile Number, e-mail address, etc. If I fail to provide the correct phone number or email address, my prescription may be forwarded to a partner-specific phone number/email address/sponsor specific email address (service available for select clients) and it will be my responsibility to collect a copy of the same.

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