Our Partners

Our Partners

We work with organisations - both in the government and corporate sector to increase accessibility and affordability of primary health care for everyone in the country.

You can join and help us fulfil this mission which has the power to improve the quality of life of millions.


We are looking for social investors who can help us with capital and their valuable expertise in the related sectors. Robust monitoring along with periodic impact reports will keep the investors updated on the social value being achieved through their investment .

1Care Clinic sponsors

We are seeking partners to sponsor 1Care clinics in remote areas/aspirational districts through CSR or other funding channels in the regions of their operation or business. The centre can be co-branded as per the requirement.

Campaign Sponsors

Partners with an aim of advocacy for specific causes like COVID-19 vaccination or awareness generation against specific health problems like malnutrition etc. can work with us based on customised plan designed to help them fulfil their objective.

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